• Acropolis

    Innovative reproduction of luxurious passementeries from vintage classic designs.

  • Lurex d'Orient

    A sparkling collection made to evoke your senses, expressed in sophisticated manner.

  • Orsay

    A reproduction of French passementeries dated back to 18th & 19th centuries.

  • Velvet Dream

    Poetry expressed in a visual form, expertly crafted by hand, to convey passionate warmth.

  • Palazzo

    An audacious fusion of luxury and harmony. A perfect merge of authenticity and style.

  • Private Collections

    For ultimate expression of luxury and absolute prestige.

  • Tieback Holders

    A rich collection of Brass tieback holders designed with innovation.

  • Pouf Collection

    Beauty and richness of long trimmings put together in harmonious design and colors of poufs

  • For Fashion

    Being part of special fashion designs with our perfectly fit trimmings